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Meade County High School

Where each person is valuable and contributes to the building of a solid foundation of learning and character for every student.

MCHS Core Values:

Respect  -  Responsibility  -  Community  -  Positivity  -  Pride  -  Service

Meade County High School is a learning community where every student, every staff member, and every community member is valuable and actively contributes to our goal of excellence in every endeavor. We strive to provide a rich and meaningful learning experience for our students. This experience includes a rigorous curriculum that builds both content knowledge and character as well as a wide variety of extra-curricular activities to engage every student. We want every one of our graduates to have the foundation that he or she will need to be successful in today's society. Meade County High School operates using a six period day for academics.  In order to effectively implement the curriculum, extra-curricular activities and other programs, the Meade County Board of Education employs 92 certified instructors and 55 classified staff at MCHS.

How Our School Ensures Educational Equity: The Meade County High School

Comprehensive School Improvement Plan addresses equity issues, involving race, gender, socioeconomic status, disabilities, and giftedness. Our goal is to create an educational environment with equal opportunities for all students. The administrative and teaching staff looks for gaps in achievement and attempts to bridge those gaps with strategies such as the establishment of the Freshman Academy, Academic Time, ESS, credit retrieval, summer school sessions, counseling, inclusion, collaboration, staff professional development, and parental contacts. We want to make sure that our most advanced students are stretched to the maximum of their potential, our average students are propelled to the next plateau, and make sure our struggling students are identified and provided the resources needed to succeed at the highest level.


Meade County High School

938 Old State Road

Brandenburg, KY 40108

Senior Academy        270-422-7515 fax 270-422-3928

Freshman Academy   270-422-7520 fax 270-422-5272

Meade County College and Career Center (MC4) 270-422-3955 fax 270-422-3307

School Information

KAS Family Guides on Kentucky Standards
KAS Family Guides on Kentucky Standards

Kentucky Academic Standards (KAS) Family Guides on KYstandards.org

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School Meal Info

Information about school meals during NTI in August and September

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NTI E-Learning
NTI / E-Learning Plan 2020-2021

Open the link to view the MCHS NTI and E-Learning Plan for the 2020-2021 school year.

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2019 Kentucky School Report Card
2019 Kentucky School Report Card

MCHS School Report Card for the 2019 school year.

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