College Coach MCHS

Contact:  Bethany Spencer   Phone: 270-422-7515 ext 4516

The mission of Kentucky College Coaches is to increase the college-going rate of Kentucky students by establishing a statewide pipeline of advisors who assist low-income and first generation students in gaining awareness and information about college preparation, admission and financial aid as early as possible.

The KCC program was implemented in the 2010-2011 school year, in a collaborative effort between Northern Kentucky UniversityBerea collegeKentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority (KHEAA), Kentucky Area Technology Centers and GEAR UP Kentucky.

Using primarily a near-peer model of advising, KCC endeavors to establish an active pipeline of current and relevant information and know-how in the college-going process. Drawing on expertise from professional in the fields of education, higher education, financial institutions, state and government agencies, coaches will present highly relevant, pointed information that will enable students to leave high school with solid plans and goals to secure their own success and success for the state of Kentucky. KCC also enlists the support of both state and local organizations and businesses, garnering relationships that can help motivate students and propel them into a productive future, thereby strengthening Kentucky’s workforce, and developing its economy.

Seniors, tomorrow (October 1) is the first day you can file your FAFSA, or Free Application for Federal Student Aid. In previous years, it was important to file it as early as possible so as not to miss out on funds. However, I have recently learned that there is a surplus of money this year, so NO NEED TO RUSH!!! Please make your parents aware of this -- it's important that they know they don't have to hurry to get it filed right away. I am providing the link to a FAFSA instructional video with a demo on it of actually filling out the FAFSA. We should also be getting this video posted to our school website soon. Thank you to Hardin County Schools and KHEAA Outreach Counselor Toni Wiley for sharing! On the video, Toni discusses some KHEAA resources that I have available to you in my room, #213.....primarily "The College Circuit" and "Getting In." You will be receiving a copy of "Getting In" when we return from Fall Break.

KHEAA Paying for College 101